Taming The Flame: Providing Energy savings and longevity to Ethanol Plants

Refractory Service Inc. (RSI) has unveiled a game-changing solution to a pervasive issue in the ethanol sector. Over the past five years, RSI has identified and addressed challenges arising from the industry's drive to maximize output, particularly impacting high-temperature and high-velocity equipment. The accelerated deterioration of refractory materials in thermal oxidizers and regenerative thermal oxidizers prompted RSI to innovate.

RSI's team discovered that vibration-related failures in thermal oxidizers were a significant issue in ethanol plants. Instead of merely increasing the frequency of refractory material replacements, RSI delved into the root cause and developed a proprietary coating that resists vibrations. This  solution not only extends the lifespan of refractory linings but also enhances the energy efficiency of ethanol plants.

Collaborating closely with ethanol clients, RSI's approach involves monitoring equipment conditions and strategically providing refractory services during planned shutdowns. This proactive strategy not only minimizes maintenance costs but also ensures smoother plant operations. To address supply chain challenges, RSI has brought material handling and engineering in-house, maintaining inventory for critical products.

The article underscores RSI's commitment to technological innovation, sustainability, and client-centric solutions. As the ethanol industry evolves, RSI stands at the forefront, shaping a future where refractory solutions contribute to enhanced efficiency, reduced environmental impact, and prolonged equipment life.

Read the full article [Taming The Flame | Ethanol Producer Magazine] to explore how RSI is rewriting the narrative in the ethanol sector, providing a testament to decades of expertise and a commitment to excellence.

Boo from the best work crew at RSI

Refractory Service Incorporated is getting fired up for Halloween! 🔥 Our team's spooky transformation is proof that we don't just handle high-heat solutions; we've got some chilling style too. Wishing everyone a hauntingly good time this season! 🎃👻


RSI Receives Patriotic Employer Award

On Tuesday, August 1st, Refractory Service was recognized as an outstanding supporter of the Guard and Reserve for all seven branches of military by the Office of the Secretary of Defense. RSI was nominated by Sergeant Matt Parve, RSI Shop,  who is currently serving with the Army Reserves.

Col (Ret.) Robert Ronge presented Duane Frey (Shop Manager), Paul Reed (Production & Shop Manager) and JJ Stanwyck (President) with Patriotic Employer Awards for their outstanding support of Matt and his military service.

Please join us in congratulating RSI for this prestigious award and continued support for all active and retired military personnel.

The Challange

COST VS RSI annual food drive

COST and RSI employees were divided into 5 teams to add a little competition to our first annual food drive. A total of 1,640 items were donated to the Full Shelf Food Panty in West Bend. Great job everyone!