Heat Treating Furnaces

No matter the size of your operation, an efficient, well-lined furnace is a must. As a top provider of refractory materials and services to the heat-treating industry, RSI understands the specialized requirements for heat-treating furnaces.

We carry the highest quality refractory brick, ceramic fiber blanket, ceramic insulating board, refractory mortar, castables, burner blocks, and a wide array of coating options. RSI is both a material supplier and a full-service refractory installation contractor.

Whether you need:

  • Super duty, Medium duty, or Fire clay hard Fire Brick,
  • Insulating Fire Brick (IFB),
  • In Straight, Arch, Wedge, or Split
  • Standard sizes or custom cut, we supply and install it all.

Let us help you pick the best possible products for your refractory needs!

Efficient Heat Treating You Can Trust

Your RSI representative will visit your facility to assess the efficiency of your furnace. We utilize state-of-the-art thermal imaging technology to precisely pinpoint where you're experiencing heat and energy loss. Not only will this increase the efficiency of your operation, but it can reduce costs and increase productivity as well. We’ll recommend treatments and coating options based on your needs to ensure your furnace heats evenly and reliably.

RSI is well-versed in all aspects of heat-treating furnaces. We can help you with the roof arch, jack arch, jambs and doors to ensure every part of your furnace is functioning properly and at peak efficiency. We also specialize in custom precast piers and hearth treatments to ensure your furnace gets the proper air circulation it needs for even temperature control.

Staffed with Masonry Experts

Our journeymen masons are carefully trained and bring years of experience along with a high-level of expertise and product knowledge to the job.

RSI is proud to provide a union workforce, as it ensures every one of our craftsmen has the high-level masonry skills that heat-treating furnaces require. Many businesses operate with only one skilled overseer while hiring and using general labors for their jobs. With RSI, you can rest assured that you’re working with industry experts who will get every aspect and detail of the job done right.

Keeping Downtime from Costing You Big Time

When your furnace goes down it’s often an emergency, resulting in lost time and productivity. Whether someone drops a load or damages your furnace with a forklift, it’s a big problem.

RSI will minimize your downtime by getting trained personnel on the job quickly, usually within hours. For scheduled maintenance and new builds, you can rely on us to get the project done on time as promised. We’ll also educate your maintenance team on the critical preventative actions required to keep your furnace in optimal running condition.

Because we see the job through from beginning to end, you can trust that your furnace will run efficiently and safely. Contact RSI today for all your refractory needs.


We offer turn-key refractory solutions to customers in each of these industries.  

Cement & Lime

Our craftsmen are experts in installing complex Trefoils and extensive brick work in kilns. Whether your project is a three foot patch or …


Our ethanol specialists know the process and can help design, repair, or offer you a specific solution to improve your plant's efficiency.

Heat Treat

Gain energy efficiency or re-line your furnace with an existing design. Since 1959, we have focused on heat treating furnaces.

Industrial Metals

We offer a variety of services to die casters, secondary melters, steel mills, ductile iron, grey iron, bronze, brass, and other foundries.

Investment Casting

Our Shell Pro fused silica is a high purity material which is precision sized specifically for the investment casting market.


RSI can assist with your refractory design, demolition, and installation needs for boilers, FCCUs, furnaces, heaters, etc. quickly and safely.

Pollution Control

Refractory Service, Inc. has worked with equipment manufactures on new projects, end consumers and users on rebuilds.

Power / Boilers

We are a full-service refractory company with the expertise on projects varying from large power boilers to smaller commercial units …

Other Industries Serviced

Any process which utilizes high temperature materials including firebrick, pre-cast shapes, ceramic fiber, and other materials.