Refractory Materials for the Cement and Lime Industry

As a top provider of refractory materials for the cement and lime industry, our track record at RSI is unparalleled. With a thorough understanding of the specialized nature of rotary kilns, we’re here to help you mitigate downtime and keep up with production.

We carry products for each area of the pryoprocess, including mortars, alumina silicate, high alumina, magnesia-chrome, dolomite-magnesia, dolomite, and magnesia-spinel.

At RSI, our team of craftsmen and expert engineers have experience with the installation of complex Trefoils, intricate kiln brickwork, firing hoods / coolers, and maintenance of preheater and calciner systems. Whether you need a total rotary kiln reline or a simple patch, we deliver on-time and on-budget with the highest quality materials in the industry.

Using state-of-the-art engineering concepts and specialized refractory application techniques we’re able to ensure a long life for our linings that also extend the service life of your equipment. We use premium quality materials with specially developed properties for the lime and cement industry that include alkali and sulfur resistance and resistance to thermal shock.

Our team of experts is ready to assist you with shell test measurements, preventative maintenance measures, and postmortem investigations to ensure the utmost reliability and optimization of your refractory lining. We provide design, production, installation and service, as well as project management and compliance with top-quality environmental standards. Contact RSI today to learn more about all the services we offer!


We offer turn-key refractory solutions to customers in each of these industries.  

Cement & Lime

Our craftsmen are experts in installing complex Trefoils and extensive brick work in kilns. Whether your project is a three foot patch or …

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Our ethanol specialists know the process and can help design, repair, or offer you a specific solution to improve your plant’s efficiency.

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Heat Treat

Gain energy efficiency or re-line your furnace with an existing design. Since 1959, we have focused on heat treating furnaces.

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Industrial Metals

We offer a variety of services to die casters, secondary melters, steel mills, ductile iron, grey iron, bronze, brass, and other foundries.

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Investment Casting

Our Shell Pro fused silica is a high purity material which is precision sized specifically for the investment casting market.

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RSI can assist with your refractory design, demolition, and installation needs for boilers, FCCUs, furnaces, heaters, etc. quickly and safely.

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Pollution Control

Refractory Service, Inc. has worked with equipment manufactures on new projects, end consumers and users on rebuilds.

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Power / Boilers

We are a full-service refractory company with the expertise on projects varying from large power boilers to smaller commercial units …

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Other Industries Serviced

Any process which utilizes high temperature materials including firebrick, pre-cast shapes, ceramic fiber, and other materials. 

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