Key Industries We Serve

Since 1959, Refractory Service, Inc. has offered high-temperature materials, including firebrick, pre-cast shapes, ceramic fiber, ceramic fiber modules, stack bonding ceramic fiber, pumpable ceramic fiber, high-temperature cement, specialty sands, refractory specialties, refractory gunite, insulating board, ramming mixes, refractory shotcrete, and other refractory products and services. Our friendly professionals in our Wisconsin or Minnesota offices are happy to discuss your requirements and determine an approach that works for you.


We offer turn-key refractory solutions to customers in each of these industries.  

A curved cement lime brick refractory wall.

Cement & Lime

Refractory Materials for the Cement and Lime Industry As a top provider of refractory materials for the cement ...
Construction workers stand in a large Aluminum melt furnace, relining the furnace.

Industrial Metals

Providing Refractory Materials & Service for the Industrial Metal Industry At RSI, we're well-known for providing a full ...
Two construction workers in high-vis gear and jackets work inside an individual can, installing ceramic media blocks and ceramic fiber blanket lining.

Pollution Control

We Serve the Pollution Control Industry At Refractory Service, Inc., we work across many different industries across the ...
An overhead image looking down on a refractory burning being relined in a dryer.


We Serve the Ethanol Industry The world of ethanol is continually evolving and changing. Refractory Service, Inc. has ...
A closer look at the metal heating elements that line the cement walls of a heat treating pit furnace.

Investment Casting

We Serve the Investment Casting Industry Whether you have a small art facility or a highly automated commercial ...
Two entrance points for an industrial power boiler. The walls are made of stacked bricks.

Power / Boilers

Power Boiler Servicing A lot is riding on your industrial boiler. Power boilers use steam to generate electricity ...
The exterior or a large heat treat furnace with a car bottom that slides in and out of the furnace.

Heat Treating Furnaces

No matter the size of your operation, an efficient, well-lined furnace is a must. As a top provider ...
An image of the interior lining of a flare tower with ceramic fiber blanket and twist-lock studs. The materials are coated with a specialty coating which gives them a green hue.


Serving the Petro-Chemical industry Refractory Service, Inc. has been servicing the Petro-Chem industry for decades. RSI can assist ...

Other Industries Serviced

We Serve a Wide Variety of Industries Refractory Service, Inc. services a wide variety of industries.  Any process ...