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New Equipment Design / Build

Refractory Service, Inc. has the technical expertise and engineering capabilities, along with an integrated manufacturing facility to design and build for customers specific refractory-related needs. We offer a variety of technical solutions that will help you build your next top load melters, aluminum holding furnaces ( large and small - electric and gas), zinc die cast furnaces, rotating specialized furnaces, ladles, heat treat furnaces (large and small), lauder systems, filter furnaces, forging furnaces and many others.

Besides manufacturing and supplying a wide range of refractory products, we provide complete installation services for furnaces, boilers and other similar projects. We undertake and execute turnkey jobs to construct furnaces for forge shops, heat treaters, die casters, power plants, ethanol plants, and investment casters. From design to commencement, our experienced and trained installation professionals have the technical know how required to handle any installation project.


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4201 Highway P, Jackson, WI 53037
WI Phone: 262-677-6050

175 Bridgepoint Drive, South St. Paul, MN 55075
MN Phone: 651-455-3466

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