Refractory Service, Inc.

Delivering the highest quality refractory supplies and services for over 60 years

Headquartered in the heart of the Midwest, RSI provides refractory castable, brick, mortar, ceramic fiber, and installation services to meet industry needs across the United States.

We Know Refractory

At RSI, we're well-versed in many different industries. From aluminum and steel foundries to die-casting, manufacturing, steel, ethanol, petro-chem, utility companies, and more. Here are a few of our key sectors:

Cement & Lime  
Offering high-quality materials specialized for the cement and lime industry with alkali, sulfur, and thermal shock resistance.

Industrial Metals
Providing custom refractory solutions for steel mills, aluminum die casting, and industrial metal plants, including materials and service.

Pollution Control  
Delivering services to the pollution control industry, including installations for TOs and RTOs for supporting fuel-efficient operations.

Leading supplier and servicer of the Ethanol industry across the Corn Belt, offering solutions to improve your plant’s efficiency.

One-Stop Refractory Solution

At RSI, we’re staffed with an experienced team of expert craftsmen and engineers in refractory. Our design and construction departments can provide custom and turnkey solutions for your refractory needs. With facilities centrally located in Jackson, Wisconsin, and St Paul, Minnesota, we can quickly dispatch and serve clients anywhere in the United States.

Whether you need new custom equipment design and fabrication, or your existing equipment requires service, materials, or support, we're a one-stop solution to ensure you get the materials and expertise you need. From lining a kiln to creating a simple patch to a complete tear-out and rebuild, we're ready to ensure that you have the refractory bricks, linings, ceramic fiber, and media materials for your construction project.

Materials & Products for the Refractory Industry

  • Castables
  • Bricks
  • Mortars
  • Ceramic Fiber Blanket & Rope
  • Refractory Anchors
  • Patching Materials
  • Silica
  • Blocks, Anchors, and More

Unparalleled Expertise

Beyond materials, we offer unparalleled support and expertise. Our trained support team uses the latest technology, including thermal imaging, to ensure your equipment is working as efficiently, safely, and reliably as possible. We specialize in preventative maintenance, planning, and assessment to help you make sure your equipment continues to perform.

With technical expertise and engineering capabilities, along with an integrated manufacturing facility, we’re proud to design and build for customers' specific and custom refractory-related needs. We offer technical solutions for top load melters, aluminum holding furnaces (electric or gas), zinc diecast furnaces, rotating specialized furnaces, ladles, heat treat furnaces, launder systems, filter furnaces, forging furnaces, and many others.

In addition to manufacturing and supplying a wide range of refractory products, we provide complete installation services for furnaces, boilers, and other industrial projects. Our experienced and trained installation professionals have the technical know-how required to handle any project from design to commencement.

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We'll deliver the right materials and knowledge to ensure your operation performs at optimal output. When you need refractory services that you can rely on, RSI is here to serve you.